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Dempski, Robert E.

Faculty Advisor

Hersh, Robert

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The Drin River, a natural resource in Albania and neighboring countries, is used for hydroelectric power, fishing, irrigation, and recreation. Sewage, garbage, agricultural runoff, and mine drainage have polluted the river. Our sponsor, SHUKALB, sought to promote the river as a means of connecting cleanup efforts throughout the Drin River Basin and motivating people to take action to improve the conditions of the river. To work towards this goal, our project planned a river float and a storyboard for a future documentary. Through key informant interviews, we found that many people living along the Drin don’t believe the river is polluted. We hope that the documentary can challenge this view and inspire people to protect the Drin River by working together to reduce the sources of pollution.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

December 2015

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Interdisciplinary Programs