Faculty Advisor

Aghajanian, Michael John

Faculty Advisor

Carrera, Fabio

Project Center

Venice, Italy


The Venice Project Center Open Data team's mission was to provide greater access to the Venice Project Center's (VPC) data. This mission had three objectives: to create a link between the VPC and dati.venezia.it (VOD), to connect Venice's data to our website, and to combine datasets from both sources to show that datasets, when combined, are more valuable than individually. To create the link between the two organizations, we updated the dataset on flagstaff pedestals and published this data to the VOD. We then used information on the Venice Connected Wi-fi network and the Internet Reporting Information System (IRIS) to create visualizations that were uploaded to the VPC website. Finally, we utilized IRIS data and VPC data to create a map showing IRIS reports pertaining to fountains.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

December 2014

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



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