Faculty Advisor

Carrera, Fabio

Faculty Advisor

Jiusto, J. Scott


This project focuses on WPI's ailing buildings and lengthening their lifespans. In the greater movement toward a green campus, this project took the initial steps to couple the social and system dynamics of the Stoddard Complex in order to improve the environmental footprint left by the buildings. The main goal of the project is to analyze what is wrong with the Stoddard Complex's current heating system and suggest a greener and more cost-effective solution that is easily sustainable. Suggestions from the residents influenced decisions made regarding the heating system, as well as spurred an in-depth look into the envelope of the Stoddard Complex. Additional suggestions to improve the Complex's envelope in terms of comfort and sustainability were also developed and detailed.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

October 2007

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Interdisciplinary Programs