Faculty Advisor

Miller, Fabienne

Faculty Advisor

Tuler, Seth

Project Center

Costa Rica


Coastal debris poses a threat to nesting sea turtles and negatively impacts the environment of Playa Pacuare, Costa Rica. Working with our sponsor, Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST), and recognizing community needs, our goal was to develop strategies for improved trash removal and reduction in Pacuare. Using observations and interviews, we concluded that LAST and the community lack an effective trash storage system and knowledge of environmentally friendly habits. We aided LAST by developing sorting protocols to mitigate trash accumulation by involving the community’s children in repurposing initiatives. By giving LAST the tools and information to become a catalyst for change, we furthered their mission in realize a future where humans and sea turtles live together in balance.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

March 2017

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Advisor Department

Interdisciplinary Programs