Faculty Advisor

Belz, Melissa

Faculty Advisor

Farbrook, Joseph

Project Center

Melbourne, Australia


This project was conducted for the Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd. (MEFL) of Moreland, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The goal of this project was to learn about business opinions and demographics, determine the total physical solar potential of a target neighborhood, and identify key enablers and barriers for commercial solar photovoltaic installation. To obtain this information we used surveys, interviews, and analysis of data through mapping software. The data will be used as a key component of MEFL’s Zero Carbon Evolution strategy to lower carbon emissions in Moreland by 20% by 2020. Our findings determined which business zones and which industries were most effective to target, and identifies key issues that MEFL should investigate further for large-scale solar implementation.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

December 2014

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Interdisciplinary Programs

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Humanities and Arts