Faculty Advisor

Carrera, Fabio

Faculty Advisor

Zeugner, John F.

Project Center

Venice, Italy


With 144 churches spread throughout Venice and its Lagoon, churches are an important aspect of Venetian culture. Many of these churches were established as early as the tenth century and have since undergone several reconstructions. In many churches, the floors have remained consistent and many contain church floor artifacts. While these artifacts are made of stone, years of wear from parishioners walking over the artifacts combined with flooding as a result of acqua alta have worn down their inscriptions. Since 1999, Worcester Polytechnic Institute projects have cataloged and assessed the condition of the church floor artifacts in Venice. This project consolidated all past data and artifact assessments to create a ranked damage score list as well as a database on Venipedia.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

December 2012

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Advisor Department

Humanities and Arts