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Addison, William A.

Faculty Advisor

Peet, R. Creighton


Currently, Lankester Botanical Gardens (LBG), located in Cartago, Costa Rica, would like to become the Mesoamerican Center for Orchid Research and Taxonomy through the implementation of its masterplan. LBG has proven to be an excellent research and education institution. However, LBG still lacks the visibility and support to attract prominent researchers from around the globe. Surveys and interviews with previous collaborators were used to determine what their expectations of LBG are. A prospectus and website outline were created to market LBG's strengths and potential to students, researchers, and ecotourist organizations. Eight highly respected botanical garden websites were studied to identify features most suitablre for LBG's website. We then provided recommendations for the implementation of this website and for the distribution of the prospectus.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2002

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Humanities and Arts

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Interdisciplinary Programs