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Jamison, Wesley V.


Executive summary: Examining the abortion debate from its beginnings to the present, it can be shown that the politics of RU486 abortion is the same as abortion in general. The legalization of RU486 in the United States has been such an extensive process due to contention from pro-life advocates. The reasons people oppose RU486 are the same reasons why they generally oppose abortion. RU486 is a pill that causes a non-surgical abortion, but is not yet legal in the United States. Many women in society who are looking for different abortion methods are uninformed about RU486 or other abortion methods. Using the most popular information medium today, the facts and opinions will be accessible to help inform individuals about different abortion methods and abortion politics. Through the use of interviews, books, magazine articles, and web pages, an educational web page about this pill and other abortion techniques will be created. By conducting interviews with representatives of organizations from two sides of the abortion debate, a more effective and informative representation of the pro-life or pro-choice organizations can be shown. The data collected from these interviews will serve as a support for the background information researched. Using the responses received from the interviews to reinforce the findings of the research, led to a conclusion that there are three major issues evident in this debate. These issues were common in the interview findings and the research. The first issue is the status of the embryo. The second issue is that the debate is not about data, but rather how to assess the data. Finally, the third issue is the role of a person in society. The purpose of this web page is to illustrate the political and technical aspects of RU486 and the abortion debate in an unbiased form, thus providing readers with the necessary information about RU486 and abortion to make educated decisions.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 1999

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Interdisciplinary Programs