Faculty Advisor

Gibson, Daniel G


Dynamy is an educational program that sponsors a Youth Center for high schools students. Recently, Dynamy officials have considered security cameras to secure the building from outsiders. To assess Dynamy's Security Camera needs, I went to the University of Pennsylvania to learn from the most secure educational facility in America. I also met with professional CCTV installers from ADT Security, who even gave a free on-site estimate. I was able to draft a security camera proposal for the Dynamy Youth Center. The proposal asks for 8 cameras to be installed by Dynamy officials to secure the facility's computer labs, conference rooms, office areas, and entrance ways. The security camera proposal explains how to buy a CCTV system, where to place cameras, and how to route cabling.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

April 2008

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Biology and Biotechnology