Faculty Advisor

D'Andrea, Robert A.


Moore State Park, in Paxton, Massachusetts, offers a rich history in the use of waterpower, and it was within this context and through the park's central theme of the changing use of Turkey Hill Brook that the development of a micro-hydroelectric facility appeared appropriate. The project aimed to serve as a precedent and educational tool in illustrating that hydroelectric power can be implemented effectively, with limited environmental impact. The project formulated economic scenarios based on construction and equipment costs suggested through the engineering analysis of the project; the conclusion was to place a generating facility at the base of the Sawmill Pond Dam, allowing for 20 meters of head and power generation of roughly 20 kW. The projected total capital costs are approximately $89,500.00 with net earnings per year of $8,176.32 from electricity generation, resulting in a payback period of 10.9 years.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2002

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project


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Civil and Environmental Engineering