Faculty Advisor

Nicoletti, Denise W.


Tahanto Regional High School Middle School has long been known for developing students who attain excellence in education. Recently, the faculty has received numerous concerns from parents that their children are not being challenged to the fullest extent of their capabilities in mathematics. These concerns have posed a serious dilemma as to how the children of today will be able to develop the skills of tomorrow. As a result of these repeated concerns, Tahanto has decided to develop an exploration enrichment program by outsourcing to WPI students to assist their students in reaching maximum potential levels in mathematics. The following report describes our research and development of the program that was used to challenge the students' mathematical capabilities. Questionnaires relating to the student's mathematical and perceived capabilities were handed out to students before and after the program to evaluate the progress they had made. This information will follow and can also be viewed in appendix II-V. After reading this report, you will realize our successes depended heavily on research, preparation, teaching reflectively, and maintaining a solid relationship with each group of students. There is no doubt that this program proved to be a tremendous success for the school and the selected students. With regards to the above-mentioned 4 questionnaires, each student felt they learned new and challenging material in the course. The students, giving several examples of what new concepts they learned and applying those concepts on a day to day basis proved this. Other areas included positive commentary from school officials and tremendous amounts of positive parent feedback. Finally, the ability of the students to be able to utilize all of this information together by preparing a group project or solving a college level problem by using the applications they were taught throughout the enrichment program proved to us they understood the new material and they could apply this new knowledge. Without a doubt, this program is a step in the right direction for seventh and eighth grade students who excel in mathematics.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 1999

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project


Restricted-WPI community only

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Electrical and Computer Engineering