Faculty Advisor

Elmes, Michael B.


The goal of this project was to educate the teaching staff of Abington Center Elementary School in the various ways a computer can be used as a teaching tool that can expand the horizons of their students. This goal was attained through providing instruction on basic computer skills, ideas for incorporating computers into current curricula and guidance in using application software to the teaching staff. Two workshops were held for the teaching staff. The first workshop centered on basic skill instruction. This workshop was designed around pre-workshop surveys sent home to the teaching staff during the summer. The second workshop allowed for specific software questions and instruction and was designed on the basis of the responses from a post-workshop survey distributed directly following the first workshop. From the two workshops, the group feels confident that the teaching staff has a renewed interest in incorporating computers into their classrooms and professional lives. Many members of the staff now realize the potential of the computer lab. By providing examples of curriculum based computer exercises for students, and a step-by-step graphic intensive manual for the teaching staff, the group believes that the teaching staff of Abington Center Elementary will introduce new technological media to their students.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2000

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project


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