Faculty Advisor

Wilkes, John M.


The project focuses on a survey of the science fiction of the last century using abstracts and summaries to identify the best examples of what a Moon or Mars base would look like written prior to 1975. After 1970 the details of the space environment would have been known in some detail. The key writers of the key period 1940-1970, when enough was known to be realistic, but there were no useful precedents to draw upon, were Heinlein, Clark and Asimov. Their works tended to be consistent and cumulative treatments of the base problem focusing on Air, Food, Water, Shelter, Power and supply lines or trade. Despite some similarities, the differences in their treatments of these problems were striking and interesting and lay a foundation with which all actual designers of space base technology should be acquainted.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2005

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Social Science and Policy Studies