Faculty Advisor

Gerstenfeld, Arthur

Faculty Advisor

Lew Yan Voon, Lok C.


There is currently a mismatch between the skills taught at the tourism-related educational institutions in Puerto Rico and the needs of the tourism industry. This situation makes it difficult for the tourism industry to fill its open positions with qualified candidates. The objectives of this project were to examine the current situation and to make appropriate recommendations for a remedy to this problem. This project identified four major problem areas in the four-star hotel industry of Puerto Rico: lack of English skills, internship operation problems, poor customer service skills, and an overall lack of communication between the industry and educational institutions. The tourism industry of Puerto Rico has had a substantial growth over the past decade, and the resolution of the problems identified in this report will help maintain that growth.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2001

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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