Faculty Advisor

Wilkes, John M.


This is the fourth in a series of projects involving the development of the Helios project at Polaroid Corporation from the early mechanical design teams to the production teams at the NB6 plant which was to produce the new film medium that was a key to this new imaging system. The Helios project was an effort to create a new core technology for the company using a laser etching system in a stable carbon medium. It was fueled by funds won from Kodak in a patent infringement suit. In addition to being a case study, the study series as a whole was designed to study the relationship between the cognitive style distributions of the teams involved in developing a new technology and the various task environments that typically emerge in the product development cycle. In this case the task environment was much less stable than expected at this stage in the project - but the distribution fit it well.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 1999

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Social Science and Policy Studies