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Clancy, Edward A.

Faculty Advisor

Doyle, James K.


This project team worked with the Executive Office of Economic Development of the City of Worcester and the Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt) to assess demand for and the interest in bringing a graduate art program to downtown Worcester. We surveyed over 250 local, public school, art teachers (grades K-12) and conducted multiple interviews at MassArt and in the City of Worcester. Of the 115 teachers (43%) who responded to our survey, 66% stated that they would like to pursue a master's degree in the area of visual art. In addition, 51% stated that they had an extremely high interest in taking classes in downtown Worcester, while 18% stated they had some interest. The interviews at MassArt gave insight into the programs that were being designed for a new Worcester curriculum. The information we gathered through City of Worcester officials was used for archival research, mainly in our literature review. With the responses to the survey and interviews, we concluded that there is a demand for an art school in Central Massachusetts and the City of Worcester is a desirable site for it.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2001

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Social Science and Policy Studies