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Carrera, Fabio

Faculty Advisor

DiBiasio, David

Faculty Advisor

Mello, Natalie


This project, completed in Venice, was sponsored by the Archeology Superintendent Luigi Fozzati and focuses on the churches of Venice, specifically on church floors and the artifacts embedded within. The project necessitated formulating an effective and accurate method in data collection and condition assessment, supplementing past databases pertaining to Venetian church floors located in the Canneregio, Dorsoduro and San Polo sestieres, the construction of multiple map layers of church floor plans using the GIS system MapInfo, and the analysis of the information gathered in order to determine which church floors were most valuable historically and artistically, and therefore in most need of restoration.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2002

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Interdisciplinary Programs

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Chemical Engineering