Faculty Advisor

Fofana, Mustapha S.


This report explores the various injuries sustained in sports and the workplace. We begin by examining injuries in the broad sense, in order to understand different types of injuries and their likely causes. The physiology of muscle, ligament, tendon, and bone with respect to injuries are examined. Three common injuries to the knee, back, and hand are reported as the most frequent injuries in sports and the workplace. The anatomy of the knee, back, and hand are all examined to develop a further understanding of the topic at hand. With knowledge of the physical characteristics of the human body, which contribute to knee, back and hand injuries, we can focus on three mainstream extreme sports: rock climbing, mountain biking, and alpine skiing. The actions in each of these sports and their impact of knee, back, and hand injuries are examined. Minimizing such injuries in these extreme sports by preventative measures is documented. The workplace can produce just as serious injuries to the knee, back, and hand. Recent studies have shown an increase in the number of injuries in both sports and in the workplace. Conclusively, the increasing trend in extreme sports and physical labor in the workplace has brought about a large string of injuries and their occurrences, as well as a market for protective devices to hinder injuries.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2006

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Mechanical Engineering