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El-Korchi, Tahar


This report, prepared for the CSA Group of Architects and Engineers, evaluated Puerto Rico's current recycling program. Particular attention was paid to the assessment of this program on the island, which has arisen from previous government efforts to implement a program to achieve a 35% recycling rate by 2006. The following document addresses current waste management practices in Puerto Rico, our research methods, findings, and recommendations for improvement of the current recycling program. Our research efforts were concentrated on the evaluation of the current recycling program, determining the feasibility of its expansion to meet the 35% recycling goal, and finding possible economic benefits of a more extensive recycling program. Through archival research, case studies, and interviews, we have determined that Puerto Rico does not have the necessary infrastructure to support a 35% recycling rate. The need to expand recycling infrastructure and education, and the promotion of economic benefits resulting from a more extensive recycling program is explained in the following chapters.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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January 2004

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Civil and Environmental Engineering