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Menides, Laura Jehn

Faculty Advisor

Weininger, Stephen J.


This study, sponsored by the London Borough of Merton, was prompted by accumulating evidence that it has become increasingly difficult for low-income households to find affordable accommodation in the private rented sector of Merton. Through interviews with housing officials and associations we gained a better understanding of their roles in providing affordable housing. We surveyed private landlords and letting agencies to discover reasons why they prefer not to rent to low-income households on Housing Benefit. We also enquired whether landlords or letting agencies would be interested in a management scheme in collaboration with housing associations or the Council. Research and case studies of housing schemes were conducted in other London boroughs to explore strategies that will enable or improve low-income households' access to Merton's private rented market. Finally, we assessed the feasibility management schemes, including forms of management and financial implications, which would be most efficient in the Borough of Merton.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2002

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Interactive Qualifying Project


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Humanities and Arts

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Chemistry and Biochemistry