Faculty Advisor

Balistrieri, Thomas J.

Faculty Advisor

Sturm, Stephan


Hong Kong struggles with the effects of disposable plastic usage in the food industry. This project assisted Friends of the Earth Hong Kong by creating recommendations to promote reduction of consumer disposable plastic usage. We adapted Prochaska’s Transtheoretical Model of Change and conducted surveys to identify Hong Kong residents’ placement on the model. We concluded that the majority of residents are aware of this issue and exhibiting few behaviors towards change. We recommend the data from our findings be presented to corporations, that the detailed storyboard given for our video be used as a guideline for continuing to move residents’ through the process of change, and that different forms of media be used to continue moving residents through the process of change.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

March 2018

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Social Science and Policy Studies

Advisor Department

Mathematical Sciences