Faculty Advisor

Mishra, Brajendra

Faculty Advisor

Pollice, Gary F.


Tomatoes are an important cash crop in the Tao Ngoi District that are vulnerable to diseases, pests, and fungi. Pesticides are an affordable pest management solution that increase crop yield and quality, but have negative effects on farmer health and local ecosystems. Alternative farming methods such as organic fertilizers, Good Agricultural Practice, and Effective Microorganisms reduce the need for pesticides, but not all farmers in the area practice these methods. Our team sought to understand the limitations of adopting organic methods and to identify pesticide alternatives. We piloted a program for students at the Tao Ngoi Pattanasuksa School that demonstrated the benefits of mulch, EM technology, and crop rotation and provided recommendations to help farmers decrease pesticide use.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

February 2019

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project