Faculty Advisor

Doiron, Joseph

Faculty Advisor

Eddy, Bethel L.


Physically Active Youth (P.A.Y.), is an after-school program in Katutura, Namibia that provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for Namibian children grades 1-12 coming from disadvantaged communities. The goal of this project was to develop an engaging science curriculum for P.A.Y.’s learners. Before arriving in Namibia, a standard for lesson creation and facilitation was established through a survey, lesson plan feedback, and a practice lesson. Second, at P.A.Y. during implementation, the lessons were refined through daily reflections and online video critiques. Third, the team conducted surveys and interviews with stakeholders to evaluate success. The team produced a guidebook compilation of all science lessons and worksheets to leave behind for future educators.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

May 2019

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project