Faculty Advisor

Liang, Jianyu

Faculty Advisor

Huang, Xinming

Project Center

Beijing, China


We considered 13 potential shelter locations, making use of field research, case studies, and spatial analysis techniques done with ArcGIS software to select the best options for emergency shelters on Wuhan University of Technology’s campus. We looked at case studies for two types of emergencies: fire and earthquake. For fire emergencies, we looked at statistical data regarding the most common causes and locations of fires, and estimated population densities of different regions to identify high-risk areas. Daytime and nighttime were considered separately. For earthquakes, which affect a large area, shelters were allocated to either residential or academic buildings . Finally, we used ArcGIS’ shortest path function to plan evacuation routes.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project


Restricted-WPI community only

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Mechanical Engineering

Advisor Department

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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