Faculty Advisor

Sphar, Jefferson Alex

Faculty Advisor

Snoddy, Gregory A.

Faculty Advisor

Snoddy, Kumiko

Project Center

Japan (Multiple Cities)


The goal of the Midori Farm project this year was to aid our sponsor, Chuck Kayser, in expanding organic farming and educating the public about the benefits of organic farming and local produce, by developing a cost-effective solar compost system and electric fence. To accomplish this, we studied the small farm movement in Japan. Next we looked at the current assets on the farm including the amount of sun, wind, and water flow to determine the best renewable energy source. We used this information combined with additional research to determine the most cost-effective power generation method. Lastly, we researched products that could be run on the power generated, including a fan for a forced air compost system, an air pump for a compost tea system, and a fence energizer to deter monkeys.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



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Social Science and Policy Studies

Advisor Department

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies