Faculty Advisor

Ault, Holly Keyes

Faculty Advisor

Hanlan, James P.

Project Center

Copenhagen, Denmark


The Amager Resource Center is a public nonprofit waste management company that performs incineration of household waste in their waste-to-energy plant, the Amager Bakke. In a team of four, we designed a series of recommendations centered around E-truck fleet optimization as the company will begin collecting household waste, from the entire Municipality of Copenhagen, effective in 2022. These recommendations included a Capacity Calculator that acted as an algorithm to output the number of trucks needed for any given input of waste. This algorithm determined the E-truck quota for any area to then create waste truck routes and assign collection days based on given frequencies for the districts of Amager East/Vesterbro. Standard work instructions were created to aid these processes.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Mechanical Engineering

Advisor Department

Humanities and Arts