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Neamtu, Rodica

Faculty Advisor

Addison, W. A. Bland


Vacaresti Nature Park, formerly a communist waterworks project in Bucharest, Romania, gained national protection in 2016. This biodiverse urban wetland is currently at risk of invasive species, trash dumping, vandalism, arson, destructive development, and other hazards associated with urbanization. This pilot project utilized an online survey, remote interviews, and livestream observation to create a thorough stakeholder analysis detailing public perception and usage of the park. This was used to compile recommendations to the Vacaresti Natural Park Association (VNPA) in order to influence future development and management. The team shared survey materials with the VNPA to facilitate further work with public perception and long-term public engagement.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Computer Science

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Humanities and Arts