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Heffernan, Neil

Faculty Advisor

Ostrow, Korinn S.


As online learning becomes more common, significant interest in educational research has grown at WPI and other universities. One platform for online learning, ASSISTments, is unique for its built-in capacity for research. We outline the issues inherent to ASSISTments' randomized controlled trial features, including scattered documentation, opaque features, and a high reliance on human intervention by the ASSISTments research team. Considering these issues, and coupled with a project based on design thinking and user research, we propose a series of remedies for these faults, presenting a design for an E-TRIALS web application that will address them. Development of this newly designed web application has begun and the tool will ultimately replace the existing testbed infrastructure.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Computer Science

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Social Science and Policy Studies