Faculty Advisor

Addison, W. A.

Faculty Advisor

Shockey, Ingrid K.


Bangkok, Thailand


Increasing global temperatures due to climate change threaten the welfare, health, and productivity of lower and middle-income workers in tropical developing countries. In collaboration with Thammasat University in Thailand and in contribution to the HOTHAPS international study, our goal was to compare how natural and artificial heat in Pathumthani and Samutprakan provinces affects agricultural and industrial workers using observations, interviews, and temperature data. Analysis showed that agricultural workers feel the effects of heat more than industrial workers due to their direct exposure to the natural environment, lack of amenities, and lack of regulated working time. Our recommendations are suggested to the workers, foreman/owners, researchers, and organizations.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

March 2012

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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Humanities and Arts

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Bangkok, Thailand