Faculty Advisor

Shockey, Ingrid K.

Faculty Advisor

Tuler, Seth

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Medication nonadherence is a pressing issue in northern India. This problem causes many deaths & allows communicable diseases to spread. The goal of our project was to determine if an automatic medicine dispensing device could be used to help improve nonadherence in Himachal Pradesh. Through interviews & surveys with doctors, pharmacists, caregivers, & patients, we established that nonadherence is a serious issue. Also, the majority of stakeholders showed interest in a device & believed it would increase adherence. Utilizing an iterative cycle of design and revision, we created a prototype to meet the needs identified by our stakeholders. While medication nonadherence is very complex, we believe our design could help patients to remain independent while improving their medication routines.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

April 2018

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



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Interdisciplinary Programs