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SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


We develop the convergence analysis of a numerical scheme for approximating the solution of the elliptic problem L(epsilon)u(epsilon) = -partial derivative/partial derivative x(i) a(ij)(x/epsilon)partial derivative/partial derivative x(j) u(epsilon) = f in Omega, u(epsilon) = 0 on partial derivative Omega, where a(y) = (a(ij) (y)) is a periodic symmetric positive definite matrix and Omega = ( 0, 1)(2). The major goal of the numerical scheme is to capture the epsilon-scale of the oscillations of the solution u(epsilon) on a mesh size h > epsilon ( or h >> epsilon). The numerical scheme is based on asymptotic expansions, constructive boundary corrector, and. nite element approximations. New a priori error estimates are established for the asymptotic expansions and for the constructive boundary correctors under weak assumptions on the regularity of the problem. These estimates permit to establish sharp. nite element error estimates and to consider composite materials applications. Depending on the regularity of the problem, we establish for the numerical scheme a priori error estimates of O(h(2) + epsilon(3/2) + epsilon h) on the L(2)-norm, and O( h + epsilon(1+delta)) for the broken H(1)-norm where (delta) over cap is an element of (-1/4, 0].





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