Faculty Advisor

Onal, Cagdas Denizel

Faculty Advisor

Popovic, Marko B.


Multiple hydraulically actuated muscles (HAM) can be recruited in parallel to exert a greater force than a single muscle is capable of producing. Many of these “muscle groups” can be used to equip a system for high force output applications. The hopping biped system uses four muscle groups attached to the legs of the biped apparatus to perform a single jumping action actuated. Two muscle groups are attached to the lower section of the apparatus to act similarly to Gastrocnemius muscles, while the other two muscle groups are attached to the upper section of the apparatus to act similarly to Quadriceps muscles. The height reached by the biped system demonstrates the high force output capabilities of HAM and the apparatus will serve as a test-bed for future studies of legged hopping dynamics.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

March 2016


Mechanical Engineering

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Major Qualifying Project



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Mechanical Engineering

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