Faculty Advisor

Berardi, Umberto

Faculty Advisor

Dembsey, Nicholas A.


Rainscreen cladding systems are a popular building façade due to their ability to protect the building from extreme weather conditions. These systems generally have horizontal and vertical gaps between panels, allowing for thermal dilatation. In these kinds of façades, air may flow through the gaps into the space behind the façade, allowing for thermal, ventilation, and moisture control advantages. However, scarce knowledge is available about the fire behavior of these façade systems, and the effect of these gaps. The project aimed to characterize the fraction of the fire plume which may flow through gaps under external fire attack. Through temperature, velocity, and heat flux measurements in a gap assembly, the characterization of the plume fraction flowing through the gap is provided.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

May 2014


Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Major Qualifying Project



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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advisor Department

Fire Protection Engineering