Faculty Advisor

Camesano, Terri Anne

Faculty Advisor

McGimpsey, W. Grant

Project Center

Nancy, France


A collaboration between WPI and ENSIC was undertaken to investigate the properties of emulsions as a drug delivery system. Biocompatible amphiphilic polymers are used as emulsifiers for controlled drug delivery. They act as a barrier between phases in oil-in-water emulsions to increase stability. Oil soluble drugs can be encapsulated within the oil nanoparticles and released into a biological system. The goal of this project was to study modified dextran (DexC6), an amphiphilic polymer. The most stable emulsions were formed with a DexC6 aqueous concentration of 40g/L in a system of 40% octyldodecanol oil volume. Drug release kinetic experiments showed that encapsulated lidocaine is released at a slower rate than free lidocaine. Further research in emulsion drug delivery is recommended.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

April 2006


Chemical Engineering

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project



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Chemical Engineering

Advisor Department

Chemistry and Biochemistry