Faculty Advisor

Bergstrom, Torbjorn Stansen

Faculty Advisor

Stafford, Kenneth A.


The objective for this Major Qualifying Project was to design and prototype a low speed motorcycle stabilization device for a partially handicapped customer. The system would remove the need for the rider of the motorcycle to place his feet on the ground at low speeds or stops, but allow uninhibited motorcycle riding at standard to high speeds. The project focused on three major aspects, the mechanical assembly, fluid power, and microprocessor control. The outrigger deploys at 14 miles per hour with some compliance for low speed turns and becomes increasingly rigid until 4 miles per hour when the device locks to keep the motorcycle steady at a stop. The prototype system has been installed on a Harley Davidson Sportster.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

April 2012


Mechanical Engineering

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering