Faculty Advisor

Adams, David S.


This project focused on investigating the binding properties of a panel of rabbit monoclonal antibodies (RmAbs) elicited by a novel vaccine consisting of an HIV-1 gp120 AE consensus DNA prime protein boost vaccine regimen. Recombinant gp120 proteins from several isolates in clade AE were produced by transient transfection of 293F cells. The gp120 proteins were purified by lectin beads, then verified for expression using SDS-PAGE and Western blots before being used as coats for ELISA to examine the reactivity of RmAb to these expressed gp120 proteins. Amino acid sequences of these gp120 proteins were used to map the potential epitopes recognized by the RmAbs. The data show that the novel vaccine was successful in producing RmAbs against several clade AE HIV-1 gp120 proteins.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

April 2013


Biology and Biotechnology

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Biology and Biotechnology