Faculty Advisor

Gatsonis, Nikolaos A.


This project involves design, analysis, and fabrication of a mounting assembly to be used within the Small Vacuum Facility-2 (SFV-2). The bell jar of SFV-2 includes a three degree-of-freedom positioning system for micropropulsion plume experiments. The fabricated mounting assembly allows the attachment of plasma diagnostics to the positioning system. Vibration data were collected with and without the SVF-2’s mechanical pump running using accelerometers placed on the positioning system. Analysis shows random vibrations with maximum amplitude of 8 micrometers. The position uncertainly of a Langmuir probe is obtained with SolidWorks vibration analysis using amplitude inputs from the experiments. Calibration of the mass-flow system for the SFV-2 ion plasma source is also presented.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

March 2013


Aerospace Engineering

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering