Faculty Advisor

Lui, Roger Y


We first start with the simplest SIR model to describe the transmission of communicable disease through individuals. We analyze the SIR model and the SEIR model with periodic transmission rates. Then we focus on the two-strain SIR model with constant transmission rate. The two-strain model displays three basic relationships between the two viruses. These relationships are determined by the existence and stability of each equilibrium point. If there is no stable equilibrium point, the two-strain model has periodic solutions. We also study the two-strain SIR model with periodic transmission rate. The last part of this project conerns patterns observed from data downloaded from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the infective individuals of H1N1(77), H1N1(09), and H3N2(68) viruses.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

March 2014


Mathematical Sciences

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Major Qualifying Project



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Mathematical Sciences