Faculty Advisor

Rulfs, Jill

Faculty Advisor

Ryder, Elizabeth F.


DIG-1 is a protein from Caenorhabditis elegans involved in the guidance of sensory processes and in the migration of the gonad during embryogenesis. Although the basic structural and functional characteristics of DIG-1 have been elucidated, its anatomical localization in C. elegans embryos remains uncovered. Previously, antiserum developed against a sequence in the N-terminus of DIG-1, named Con1, with rpospects of using this antiserum for in vivo DIG-1 localization. But the anti-Con1 serum was found to be too unspecific for successful antibody studies to be conducted with it. This project focused on purifying the available Anti-Con1 to reduce its cross-reactivity, to render it more specific for the Con1 sequence, and to thereby make in vivo localization of DIG-1 possible. Results have shown that purification done during this project has resulted in an Anti-Con1 serum that is highly specific for Con1 as well as DIG-1 in vitro, and with which in vivo detection might be attempted.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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January 2003



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Major Qualifying Project


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Biology and Biotechnology