Faculty Advisor

Hou, Zhikun

Faculty Advisor

Mirza, Shaukat


Earthquakes and other seismic activities have often been the source of mass destruction and loss of life. To prevent such disasters, devices employing shape memory alloy (SMA) technologies are being considered in this project. The goal of the project is to study the feasibility of using an SMA bracing system to suppress structural vibration due to a base excitation by an experimental approach. In the project, a simple structural model with desired dynamic characteristics was designed, constructed and tested. A harmonic base excitation was employed through the study. The building model was mounted on a shaking platform that was driven by a single axis shaker. Vibrational response of the structure with and without SMA technology was recorded, processed and compared. It was found that the usage of SMA technology has potentials for vibration suppression of structures.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2000


Mechanical Engineering

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Major Qualifying Project


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Mechanical Engineering