Faculty Advisor

Mani, Murali.


In last few years, database trends have shown us that Extensible Markup Language known as XML is emerging as new standards language for data exchange. On the other hand, the ER model and ER diagram which has been used widely for data modeling and database design for more than twenty years, has become an arguably obsolete data modeling method for XML applications. For this reason, concept of EReX (ER extended for XML) has been introduced. Since EReX model will enable us to represent number of features provided by XML that we previously could not represent due to the limitation of ER, generating XML schema using EReX will be highly advantageous than using typical ER model to generate XML schema. In this work we have implemented a program called ER2XML which fully adapts concepts of EReX and a XML schema syntax, XGrammar. On this report, we will present benchmark of our program in terms of its translation ability with various types of real world XML models. Also, the underlying concept of the program will be described as well.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2005


Computer Science

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Major Qualifying Project


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Computer Science