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Adams, David S.


Mechanisms of the innate immune response have been highly conserved throughout evolution. These pathways rely on NF-kB transcription factors to activate the expression of antimicrobial peptides in response to infection. In Drosophila, expression of antibacterial peptides is mediated by endoproteolytic cleavage of Relish, a Drosophila AF-KB homolog. Relish cleavage requires the Drosophila inhibitor-kB kinase complex (dmIKK), which may directly phosphorylate Relish. DmlKK interacts directly with Relish, but this interaction has not been fully characterized. Here, the domains of Relish required for interaction with DmlKK and phosphorylation by DmlKK have been shown via yeast two-hybrid and in-vitro kinase assays.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2004


Biology and Biotechnology

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Major Qualifying Project


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Biology and Biotechnology