Faculty Advisor

Camesano, Terri A.


Modified dextran polymers are used as surfactants in oil in water emulsions, and serve as a hydrophobic boundary layer between the oil droplet surface and its aqueous surroundings, allowing for the formation stable emulsions that consist of biocompatible materials, a possible vector for drug delivery for oil-based drugs. These emulsions consist of Nujol (mineral) oil and a hydrophobically modified destran polymer solution (DexC, DexC, or DexP). Polymer solution concentrations greater than 5 grams per liter allowed for emulsion stability over long periods of time. A combination of centrifugation and lyophilization was determined to be a viable method for storage. Research was performed in collaboration with WPI and ENSIC.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2002


Chemical Engineering

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Major Qualifying Project


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Chemical Engineering