Faculty Advisor

Johari, Hamid

Faculty Advisor

Olinger, David J.


The goal of this MQP was to design, build, test, and fly a micro aerial vehicle to compete in the International Micro Aerial Vehicle competition. The design process focused on low Reynolds number aerodynamic testing, size minimization and overall aircraft configuration. The most significant advances were made in the electric propulsion configuration, the testing and use of new components, as well as the use of advanced materials. Using an iterative design process, two main design options were generated. Using a decision matrix, one of the two designs was chosen based on selective criteria. The final design weighs 80g, has a maximum dimension of 18cm and a flight speed of 9 m/s.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2004


Mechanical Engineering

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project


Restricted-WPI community only

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering