Re-design of the Lunar Planetary Science Module.

Faculty Advisor

Olinger, David J.


The goal of this project was to design mechanical enhancements for the Lunar Planetary Science Module (LPSM) which is used for experimentation in the Utah desert. A suspension system was designed so that the LPSM could traverse a diverse terrain with minimal vibrations. An instrument module was designed to protect the scientific instruments from dust, debris and moisture. An air conditioning system was also sized and incorporated into the module, which will maintain a constant interior temperature. The final design consists of a trailing arm suspension which uses Fox Vanilla RC shock with a 300 pound per inch spring to control the motion of the trailing arm. The instrument module consists of an aluminum enclosure with a KA4C2RP17R air conditioner with a rated capacity of 586 Watts per hour.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2004


Mechanical Engineering

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project


Restricted-WPI community only

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering

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