Faculty Advisor

Kmiotek, Stephen J.


The goal of this project was to help Wachusett Brewing Company increase beer clarity. Phase one involved the optimization of a six roller mill to produce a grist with a desirable husk volume above 400cc / 100g. Phase two entailed correlating husk volume to lauter tun runoff clarity. A husk volume of 455cc / 100g was achieved with mill settings of 1.65 mm, 0.9 mm, and 0.6 mm. Additionally, the results from phase one indicated that the second roller gap has the greatest impact on husk volume. In phase two, the optimized mill settings of 1.65mm, 0.9mm, and 0.8mm was found to decrease the quantity of haze forming compounds by 43%. As a tradeoff, lautering time increased by 26 minutes.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

March 2017


Chemical Engineering

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project


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Advisor Department

Chemical Engineering

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