Faculty Advisor

Rencis, Joseph J.

Faculty Advisor

Rong, Yiming


This project is a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) study on fixtured workpiece deformation. The purpose of the study is to develop methods: (1) for modeling applied dynamic loads from a machining operation; (2) to analyze workpiece deformation with emphasis on cutting tool and fixture contact areas using ANSYS FEA software; (3) to assess the validity of the load model; (4) and to vary boundary conditions, including constraint location and clamping force, thereby optimizing the modular fixture design. The modeling methodology developed in this study is the basis for prospective developments in Computer Aided Fixture Design (CAFD) / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) with the support of FEA software.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2000


Mechanical Engineering

Project Type

Major Qualifying Project


Restricted-WPI community only

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering