Faculty Advisor

Peura, Robert A.

Faculty Advisor

Pins, George D.


VivaScan Corporation of West Boylston, Massachusetts is currently developing a noninvasive blood glucose monitor for diabetic patients. This project involves the development, implementation, and testing of a user interface for the VivaScan device. After extensive background research, literature review, and current product evaluation, the team interviewed diabetic patients to gather user opinion on potential design features. The team weighed possible screen alternatives against design criteria using pairwise comparison charts before deciding on the CrystalFontz 128 x 64 graphical liquid crystal display. The screens were first visually realized using a paint utility, and then further detailed on graph paper into a 128 x 64 pixel format. After learning basic C++ programming from literature, with the help of the team's sponsor the screens were programmed using Visual C++. The sequence of screens was then shown to diabetic patients. Each of the patients was asked to fill out a short survey regarding the screens and features of the future display. Results show that each of the screens are clear and easy to read. Based on the results obtained from user feedback, it was concluded that younger patients are more interested in extra features of the device on top of the main function of measuring glucose levels non-invasively, while the older patients are more interested in just measuring their glucose level at a specific instant in time. It was also concluded that patients are more likely to measure more frequently using a non-invasive device as opposed to the finger prick method.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2005


Biomedical Engineering

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Major Qualifying Project


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Biomedical Engineering