Faculty Advisor

Ault, Holly Keyes

Faculty Advisor

Hansen, Peter H.


This project presents a conceptual design for a test rig for accelerated life testing of chainsaws. Three different subsystems, loading, oil collection, and handles, were created to reflect realistic operating conditions in the testing environment. The loading subsystem applies forces to the bar that mimic the normal forces felt by the saw during field operation. The oil collection subsystem consists of three chambers to collect the oil mist and aid in the increased air purification. Finally, the handles constrain the saw in a way that mimics the response of a field operator. These subsystems were then integrated, producing the full concept of the rig. Further development and integration of these subsystems will be continued, and a prototype will be built in the coming semester.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

May 2018



Project Type

Major Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering

Advisor Department

Humanities and Arts