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Faber, Brenton

Faculty Advisor

Munson, Maryann

Faculty Advisor

Vidali, Luis


Recent studies in P. patens suggest Arl8 interacts with myosin XI, a motor protein essential for polarized tip growth. Here, in vivo binding assays demonstrate PpArl8A1 interacts at the myosin XIa tail domain and is structurally or spatially controlled by an amphipathic helix. RNAi silencing of Arl8 expression in moss generated an intermediate growth phenotype, indicating a role in growth pathways. This study proposes a mechanism for Arl8:myosinXI binding during vacuolar motility or polarized secretion for plant growth. Arl8 interactions have also been implicated in Parkinson’s prevention. To complement the biochemistry lab work, this study analyzed data from a hospital in Northern New York for potential disease markers to recognize and predict Parkinson’s development.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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April 2019



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Major Qualifying Project


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Humanities and Arts

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Biology and Biotechnology

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